Introduction to Stata

Please make sure to have a working installation of Stata, ideally version 14 or higher. If you don't own a copy, you can run Stata 15 via UI's Virtual Desktop. If you plan to use the latter, please log in and test Stata out in advance (i.e., make sure you can launch it). See HERE for instructions on Virtual Desktop. Note that Stata via Virtual Desktop is only available from on-campus locations. 

The link for workshop materials is HERE.

Introduction to R

 Participants are expected to bring their laptops. We will use the Interactive Data Analytics Service for hands-on exercises in class. 
Alternatively, participants can choose to install R and RStudio on their laptops. 
The book for this class is R for Data Science.  
Lecture notes and datasets will be posted in the last week of December. A few days before the workshop, please watch for an email from Giang Rudderham ( for reminders and additional information. 


Introduction to Python Data Analytics

The hands-on practice environment of this workshop will be provided online. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop to the workshop.

Introduction to High Performance Computing using Argon

For this workshop, you will need to have an account on Argon. Please apply for an account HERE if you do not have an account. For Windows PC, you can use PUTTY, download it HERE. For Mac OS X users, Terminal app can be used to login to the cluster.